V-Share (Plugin) Code

Supported Services

Identifier Website Notes
youtube YouTube
dailymotion Daily Motion
googlevideo Google Video
revver Revver
metacafe MetaCafe
sevenload Sevenload
bliptv Blip.TV You get the correct id when choosing to embed for wordpress.com:
Finding code in Blip.tv
vimeo Vimeo
myspacetv MySpaceTV
jumpcut Jumpcut
veoh Veoh
eyespot Eyespot
clipfish Clipfish
current Current
superdeluxe SuperDeluxe
ustream Ustream.TV
stickam Stickam
justintv Justin.TV
bambuser Bambuser The video ID is in the embed code, not in the URL
5min 5min
rcmovie RCMovie

Additional sites can be added to the sites.conf file in the plugin directory.

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