A A->H5 Em Em 3x
H   C   A->H5

A                            Em
  actually      i should be happy
A                           Em 
  actually      i should feel warm
A                                Em
  actually my closed eyes should see you
H                C                  A
  but they don´t see nothing new at all

A                           Em
  i sometimes ask myself who are you
A                           Em
  i realy know that your on my mind
A                           Em
  but inside me there is this dang´res border
H             C                A
  and i have one foot on each side

A                        Em
  i sit alone here in my bedroom
A                                        Em
  listen to the musik, i have to disintegrate
A                                 Em
  i look arround and all i see is me me me 
H                 C                   G     H   C
  and someone to show me my stargate
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