my needed breed


Nord Stage 2 - C:06:3

-> Beat:SlotA: Fis3 + G4
-> Melody:SlotB


3-4x steigernd, tief/leise -> hoch/laut, | Schlagzeug = Marsch

B                     B                               Am       Am
  why don´t you feed    my needed breed in the refrigiator?
B                       B                          Am     Am
  don´t you know i need    to eat that breed soon later
B                           Am           
Oh, ohohoh ohohoh - let it grow, grow, grow ohohohoh
       Dm                                       E
let it grow, grow, grow ohohohoh i tell you so ohohohohohoh
Em       D        C       H
Ahhhh   Haaaahhh  Aaahh   Aaahhh
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