even the whitest snow


even the whitest snow (1. Version)


       Cm                                                      Gm
if you think that even the whitest snow only covers the shit beneath
     Cm                                                                 Gm
when all the good wishes from your friends are unable to change how you feel
        Cm                                                           Gm
and dispite your docs appraisment your shure about your corporal disease


H         F                  Cm   Cm
  hang on, hang on, to your belive            2x

     Cm                                                        Gm
when every highlight, every day, is the dusk, cause then it´s done 
     Cm                                                        Gm
when all your fibres of all muscles, every vein, remembers the one
    Cm                                                Gm
and if you know you should leave, walk away or better run

Bridge 2
H        F                  Cm   Cm
 hang on, hang on, and have fun             2x


Gis       Dis   Fm             C
     you know,     there is no option
Gis       Dis   Fm               C
     you know,      there is no way
Gis       Dis   Fm                 C
     you know,      there will no fortune happen, 
Gis       Dis            Fm               G
     you know, until the end, you have to stay


Ref. 2x

End auf Cm
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