sorry but there was an insect (my brand new shirt)

Alt: einfach hintereinander weg

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sorry but there was this insect in my brand new shirt
i know it sounds like goteske nonsens, but it bit me and that realy hurts
year that realy hurts

str. 1
i woke up late, like evry mornig every thing looked fine
and in my head this dreamy theory this theory - wich is mine

i try to hurry up i didn´t find some clothes to wear
the only thing i see is this new shirt there on my chair

str. 2

i take it, pull it over didn´t see what´s going on
as after a small stick this crazy beast is come along

it didn´t took two minutes till my arm starts to balloon
and yet two minutes later all turns black and i swoon

str. 3

and if you don´t belive me i swear i tell the truth
this story is for real take god to proof
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