i know this song´s been written

Dm                      C
i know this song´s been written
Dm              F        C       B
              a thousand times
Dm                        C
at the beginning you feel smitten
B                        Am   B -> C
but then you end it with crime

Dm               C
you don´t love enought of me
Dm              F       C       B
         not so much as I do
Dm                C
   the reason for all these songs
B                        Am   B -> C
               is always you

Dm                      C
everytime             I see you
Dm       F                C       B
    everytime I hear your voice
Dm                 C
   the heartbeat inside my head 
B                   Am   B -> C
  makes that crazy noise


Dm B C Am B -> C
Dm B G Em
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