song abou you

   G               G
i like to write a song about you
     Em                  F           G  Em F G
the sun is shining, the sky so blue
    G              G
i like to write a song about you
     Em                      F
the birds a singing guruckuckooo
    G             Em        F           G
ooohooo   guruckuckooo    ooohhh ruckuckooo 

2. x and so i do ... guruckuckoo

           Em          Am     C      Am            Em   Am C D
but then i fall, into fall an all in all looks so tall

then i look at he telefon 
and i see you´ve tried to call

i din´nt heard the mobiles ring
cause i´ve thought i have had to sing

then i fall...

that´s why i didnt like this song to sing
i´m afraid to miss the mobiles ring..
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